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Mold Inspection in Ossining and All Westchester County

  • Date: 08-2015

You already know that mold can spread fast and potentially reduce your air quality. If you suspect mold, you should do something about it! Green Home Solutions wants Ossining homeowners to get informed about the threat of mold in their homes, which is why we offer free mold inspection to help you clear up the confusion and learn how your property may be at risk.

Ossining Mold Inspection

An Ossining mold inspection is a crucial first-step in your mold treatment journey, and there’s no better team to handle the job than ours. We’ll not only take a look at the symptoms you’ve been experiencing (musky odors, visible spores, etc.). We’ll also go a step further by evaluating risk factors like:

  • High humidity in key areas, from basements to air ducts
  • The presence of mold-friendly surfaces like porous materials and wallpaper
  • The age of your home
  • Inadequate insulation
  • Lack of sun exposure
  • And more!

We’ll even perform an optional air quality test to evaluate where else your home’s air may need improvement. From there, we can offer our best advice and determine the next steps in testing and treatment.

Quality Ossining Mold Treatment Starts Here

Our Ossining mold inspection experts are committed to improving the health and safety of your home. Through high-quality, plant based mold removal products that are safe for children and pets when used as directed, we can remove your mold in as little as 2-5 days. Best of all, you can return to your home shortly after the application process is through. No hotels, no fuss.

Give Green Home Solutions a call today to learn more about our Ossining mold inspection services. If you’re ready to request your free inspection, fill out our online form. We’ll be in touch to schedule a date and time.