Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Upper Westchester

Mold Testing in Ossining and All Westchester County

  • Date: 08-2015

For the Green Home Solutions team, getting a thorough report of your mold problem is a must. There’s only one way to know whether your mold symptoms are truly mold, and that’s through laboratory test results. We’re committed to doing honest business and ensuring a healthier home for our customers, and mold testing is an essential part of that process. Our Ossining mold testing services are designed to offer the certainty we need to customize your mold treatment, and the certainty you need of a job well done.

Ossining Mold Testing

Our mold remediation professionals are experts at identifying problem areas and signs of mold, and we’ll evaluate your home for free during our inspection phase to determine whether mold testing is the right course of action for your property. Chances are, if you suspect mold, it is. That’s when we take air and surface samples from different rooms in your home to hand over to an objective, third-party lab. There, mold testing experts can determine the strains of mold present in your home.

Why Is Mold Testing A Critical Part of Our Service?

This essential step helps our techs determine the best administration of our mold removal products. Without thorough Ossining mold testing, we can’t ensure the most effective use of our time or yours! The mold testing phase helps our team:

  • Ensure that mold treatment is what you need!
  • Evaluate the severity of your mold problem
  • Determine where most of your mold is concentrated
  • Determine the strain and behavior of your mold
  • Provide complete assurance of a mold-free home in 2-5 days

Interested in learning more about our plant based mold removal system? Give us a call, or request a free mold inspection from one of our remediation experts by filling out our online form now!