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Mold and Odor Services in Ossining and All Westchester County

  • Date: 08-2015

Indoor air pollution is one of the worst covert health-offenders in homes, especially when it comes to mold and odor-causing bacteria. Not only do uncomfortable smells and mold stains take away your enjoyment of your home, they can potentially deteriorate your health. Green Home Solutions is passionate about finding a healthy solution to mold, and we’ve developed a powerful blend mold and odor-killing enzymes to combat those microbes at their source.

Ossining Mold and Odor Removal

Our mold and odor-destroying system uses a holistic approach to eradicate unpleasant odors and mold. Our mission is not only to eradicate the worst of your indoor air problems, but promote long-term indoor air quality. Whether you simply need basement mold removal in Ossining, or a whole-house treatment, we can correct the problem through our plant based odor and mold removal products. Well even verify results through mold testing, ensuring a true resolution.

This unique Ossining mold and odor removal system works to dissipate foul odors and molds without the addition of toxic chemicals into your space, which means that you can return to your home faster without having to worry about children and pets. Our products are:

  • Eco-Friendly: As a health-conscious company, we work hard to care for your health. A healthy environment is part of our larger mission to make mold and odor treatments safe for all.
  • Safe: Our plant based ingredients are safe when used as directed, eradicating mold and odor without harming children and pets.
  • Affordable: Unlike other mold treatments, we don’t typically require demolition.
  • Fast: In 2-5 days, our effective mold removal products can completely eradicate your mold or odor issue without any need to leave overnight.

Interested in learning more about our mold removal products? Give our team a call today or fill out our online form to request a free mold inspection from one of our trained technicians.