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About Our Mold Remediation in Parkville

  • Date: 06-2020

When you need mold remediation, you can expect Green Home Solutions to deliver thorough, detailed services that get to the heart of the problem. For houses, residential buildings, and commercial properties in Parkville, we use exacting inspection methods, extra-strength remediation sprays, and other strategies to ensure mold is treated and prevented.

Green Home Solutions offers affordable, fast-acting, and long-term solutions to mold, fungi, and mildew. Our representatives can identify, contain, remediate, and prevent mold growth, treating not only active and visible growth, but dead mold and invisible mold spores as well. This comprehensive approach to treatment has led to proven results time and again. 

Extensive Testing and Mold Remediation For Parkville Properties

Before we start on any mold remediation in Parkville, we always offer mold inspection services as a precursor. This means we can identify the source of mold growth and offer proactive recommendations to treat any excess moisture, leaks, or related concerns. We’ll also build specific and targeted methods for remediation, based on the extent of growth revealed by inspection data. 

Our precise approach means that we can treat mold more quickly, affordably, and effectively, all while saving on the need for demolition or teardown. Wherever we can, we’ll instead rely on other methods to access mold that’s difficult to reach. Our remediation spray can attack mold on surfaces as well as mold spores within the air. Fine-tipped applicators allow us to get to mold that’s otherwise inaccessible. 

It means that we’ll only use teardown as a last resort when getting to mold. We save homeowners and property managers alike from the conventionally high cost of remediation, while making sure you get treatment with lasting impact. 

Our Local Mold and Disinfection Experts 

With Green Home Solutions, our mold remediation team is locally based. We’re able to quickly get to and treat properties everywhere in Parkville and the neighboring areas of: 

You’ll be receiving the expertise of representatives who are well-versed in mold, indoor air quality, and disinfection. We never stop at treating mold on its own. Instead, it’s our goal to bring your indoor environment to a healthy and mold-free standard, so you can enjoy your indoors more easily. We help you get the most from your indoors. 

If you think you need mold remediation in Parkville, schedule a consultation today. Call Green Home Solutions at (410) 982-6340 to learn more about our no-cost air quality consultations.