Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Baltimore

Getting Mold Remediation in Annapolis

  • Date: 02-2020

When mold keeps returning, it means that underlying factors like moisture haven’t been addressed. That’s why effective, reliable mold remediation is so important for homeowners throughout Annapolis and Baltimore County. You want experts who can treat any present mold while preventing it from returning. 

That’s what Green Home Solutions offers. Our representatives are well-versed in mold and mold control, and can quickly identify, isolate, and treat indoor growth. Treatment from our expert team takes a fraction of the cost and time of conventional mold remediation in Annapolis, while delivering results you can count on to last.  

Affordable, Impactful Air Quality Services and Mold Remediation in Annapolis

family friendly mold remediation in Annapolis

How does Green Home Solutions achieve consistently affordable mold remediation in Annapolis? The foundation of any treatment from our team comes from comprehensive inspections. Prior to administering remediation, this determines the full extent of mold contamination, as well as any causes like water intrusion. 

Once we know exactly what we’re dealing with, we build out a rigorous plan for treatment. In doing so, we can reduce the need for teardown. Instead, we’re able to target hard-to-reach mold with deliberate strategies that break down growth at a molecular level. 

With all our services, Green Home Solutions brings a similarly proactive and cost-conscious approach to treatment. The overall goal is to restore a healthy, well-ventilated, and dry indoor environment while treating issues like mold and mildew as well. In addition to mold testing and removal, we offer: 

  • Indoor air quality testing 
  • Odor removal 
  • Indoor disinfection
  • Probiotic purification 

Choosing Green Home Solutions for Mold Removal 

When you choose Green Home Solutions, you’re choosing experts with a long history of treating all types of buildings throughout Annapolis and the surrounding region. Our representatives offer mold remediation to these areas: 

Whether we’re treating your home, office, or healthcare facility, we bring the same care and consideration of getting to the heart of the problem. We never work with harsh chemicals, abrasive pollutants, or other products that could degrade your overall air quality. 

Our treatment sprays, disinfection products, and odor removal sprays are environmentally conscious and fully loaded with impact. We make it easier to breathe, live, and work in any indoor environment. 

If you need mold remediation, call experts you trust. Homeowners in Annapolis can reach Green Home Solutions at (410) 982-6340 today.