Mold Inspection in Baltimore: I Suspect There’s Mold in My House. Now What?

When you’re worried about mold in your home, one of the best things you can do is to act immediately. Once mold has taken root, it can be difficult to remove without professional intervention. Getting a proper mold inspection in Baltimore can help clarify the extent of any problems and what to do next.

At Green Home Solutions, we’re here to assist you with everything mold-related. If you have any concerns about mold, it’s worth getting in touch with your Green Home Solutions representative. From initial assessment to final inspection, we handle mold concerns rapidly and thoroughly. Here’s how.  

What to Expect with Green Home Solutions 

Mold is often a notorious problem in homes because it feels never-ending. The reality is, mold occurs and spreads in very specific conditions. With expert intervention, you can quickly resolve mold issues with long lasting impact. 

Here’s how we make that possible:  

  • We look for mold. First and foremost, our team in Baltimore will complete a mold inspection. At this stage, we’re looking to identify the full scope of the problem, how far the mold has penetrated indoor areas, and what’s causing it. 
  • We aid in prevention. Drying up any moisture sources or active contributors to mold is imperative. Once testing is complete, we supply plans for moisture management. We make sure any moisture sources are addressed and resolved prior to remediation.   
  • We clean up growth. Once moisture is dried up, we can immediately start mold remediation efforts. We employ precision equipment and high-powered, eco-friendly fungicides for thorough remediation.  
  • We deliver final testing. As a final measure, we can implement one last inspection before treatment is deemed complete. In doing so, we deliver conclusive, clear data on the effects of any remediation. We can also recommend a third-party inspector for your peace of mind.

Get Started with a Mold Inspection in Baltimore

If you’re nervous about mold, it’s a great idea to start small. A mold inspection is a small but crucial step towards effective mold treatment in Baltimore.

With Green Home Solutions, mold inspections include: 

  • Specific data on water events or other mold contributors. 
  • Detailed evidence of where mold has spread. 
  • Proactive measures for managing moisture.
  • A clearly defined scope of work for any remediation. 

If you suspect mold, you’ll want to schedule a mold inspection in Baltimore now. Just call Green Home Solutions at (410) 982-6340 to get started.