Mold Inspection in Annapolis

When you’re worried about mold, a detailed inspection is always the right first step. Whether you’re dealing with longstanding mold problems or it’s a new occurrence, mold inspection from experts in Annapolis can help you address issues quickly. It’s what Green Home Solutions always recommends, even before remediation occurs. 

Without the right data, it’s far too easy for mold to continue thriving and spreading. Because individual mold spores are invisible to the human eye, mold can infiltrate surfaces, cracks, and other porous indoor areas. With inspection, you’ll learn the severity of mold issues, how far it’s spread, and what’s causing it. From Green Home Solutions, you’ll also get clear next steps on how to deal with mold. 

Why You Need Mold Inspection in Annapolis

Your Experts For Mold Inspection in Annapolis 

When you choose mold inspection from Green Home Solutions, you can always look forward to rigorous detection and investigation methods. We always look for mold as well as mold sources, helping Annapolis homeowners understand the full extent of mold and related concerns: 

We use expert testing methods. Our team understands how mold behaves and how it spreads. We always employ precise testing methods to seek out the full extent of mold growth. We use inspection techniques that comply with the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, EPA, and any other pertinent organizations. 

We rely on powerful equipment. Mold can’t always be discovered by sight alone. That’s why we rely on high-powered scanning technology when investigating mold issues. We employ infrared equipment to help us identify areas of mold growth that might otherwise be invisible to the human eye. 

We employ detailed testing if needed. When we need more data on mold problems, we can take extra steps to procure it. Our representatives may extract surface or air samples from affected areas for further lab analysis at an independent AIHA accredited microbial lab. 

Rapid-Acting Remediation From Green Home Solutions 

If mold inspection reveals active growth, Green Home Solutions can start with treatment right away. Once started, remediation typically only takes a few days to finish. We rely on inspection reports from your home, so we tailor our approach all the more strategically. The result is fast-acting, long-lasting mold remediation across the region. We serve our neighbors in: 

  • Annapolis
  • Pasadena
  • Baltimore
  • Severna Park
  • Glen Burnie
  • Severn
  • Anne Arundel County
  • And throughout the surrounding area

If you have questions about our mold inspection services in Annapolis, get in touch. Contact Green Home Solutions at 410-982-6340 today.