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Professional Mold Removal in Annapolis: What To Expect From Green Home Solutions

  • Date: 12-2019

When you uncover mold growth within your property, your first instinct may be to pick up a store-bought mold remover and start treating the problem on your own. But for most properties in Annapolis with significant growth, professional mold removal is one of the few ways to effectively find, isolate, treat, and prevent mold. 

Mold can appear as quickly as 24 hours after moisture builds up, and it spreads wherever it can via microscopic mold spores. While you may be treating mold that’s visible to you, it’s likely that mold spores have already traveled elsewhere inside your property. In order to get lasting mold remediation in Parkville, Easton, Towson, Anne Arundel County, or Howard County, you’ll want to employ the high-powered treatments offered by Green Home Solutions. 

How We Deliver Professional Mold Removal in Annapolis 

happy family after our professional mold removal in Annapolis

With remediation from Green Home Solutions in Annapolis, you get professional mold removal that gets to the heart of what’s causing mold in your building. We achieve this by prioritizing methods that are data-based, rigorous, and highly effective: 

We implement inspections first. Our representatives always inspect mold-affected areas in your building extensively, so we can get comprehensive data on your building’s mold problem. This helps us locate moisture events or other water buildup that may have caused growth.  

We use rigorous strategies. With the data from a mold inspection, we can build powerful remediation strategies that are tailored to your building, its indoor features, and the type of mold within. This tactical approach allows us to root out growth that’s concealed behind furniture or otherwise hard-to-reach. 

We prevent further spread. We appreciate how quickly mold can move. Our representatives immediately isolate areas with mold, to prevent it from getting any further. In addition to these measures, we can help you take steps to limit the chances that mold will be back. 

What To Expect With Our Mold Remediation 

With Green Home Solutions in Annapolis, here’s what you can always look forward to with our professional mold removal services: 

Knowledge at every stage. We always prepare you for what we’re doing next, how it helps address mold, and associated costs. 

A family-conscious approach. Our representatives only use products that are completely safe for pets and children, when used as directed. 

Fast, affordable treatment. We treat buildings at a fraction of the cost and timelines that come with traditional remediation. 

Don’t wait to schedule professional mold removal from Green Home Solutions! Call (410) 982-6340 to learn more about treatment in Annapolis.