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Towson Mold Testing

  • Date: 08-2015

Mold Testing in Towson

If you have a mold problem, you’re probably ready to solve it right away with mold removal services. However, it’s extremely important for the professionals at Green Home Solutions to conduct mold testing first. It allows us to determine exactly what kind of mold you’re dealing with, pinpoint the source of the mold, and establish the extent of your mold problem.

Our Towson mold testing techniques can be invaluable for homeowners and business owners. That’s because we know what causes mold to grow in the first place. With a professional test, we can identify sources of moisture and condensation that could cause problems. By eliminating the source of the moisture, you can eliminate the possibility of mold from growing in other areas of your property.

Towson Mold Testing

How do you know if you need mold testing done in your Towson property? There are a few signs that you could be dealing with a mold problem:

  • You can see the mold: If you can see spotting on your drywall, you definitely have mold.
  • You can smell the mold: Mold is often accompanied by a musty smell. It’s the first sign that you have mold hiding behind the walls.
  • You can feel the mold: Mold has been known to cause adverse health effects. If you don’t feel like yourself, you may have mold.

To learn more about all of your options, or to schedule Towson mold testing, give us a call today!