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Choosing Mold Remediation in Peru

  • Date: 03-2020

Green Home Solutions makes it easy to get powerful and affordable mold remediation in Peru, NY. We take the stress, time, and cost out of treatment without ever lowering our high standards for impactful and lasting remediation.

Our representatives are licensed experts who know the ins and outs of mold and moisture control in Clinton County. We’ll always advise you at every stage of remediation, giving you details about what to expect and how we’re taking long-term measures against indoor mold. 

We target active mold colonies, mold spores, and dead mold particles, all of which can impact your building’s indoor air quality. Our representatives always isolate mold-affected areas, helping to control and put a stop to the spread of mold growth. For building managers and homeowners alike, we ensure you can enjoy a healthy, mold-free space. 

A Family-Friendly Approach to Mold Remediation in Peru

family friendly mold remediation in Peru

Whether we’re treating a residential building or doctor’s office, Green Home Solutions always takes an eco-friendly, family-friendly approach to mold remediation. We never use products with masking agents, artificial perfumes, high-toxicity chemicals, or other abrasive ingredients. 

Each of our treatment sprays is completely proprietary to Green Home Solutions, which gives us an advantage over conventional remediation in the area. Our suite of products is EPA-certified, time-tested, and science-tested, targeting mold and related issues on a molecular level. 

The goal with any remediation is not only to aggressively target mold, but to improve your overall indoor environment, too. We only use effective treatment sprays that allow us to achieve this result. Our mold treatment product breaks down mold particles and other harmful microbes in your air, improving and restoring air quality. This product is also safe for family, kids, and pets, when used as directed. 

Your Trusted Green Home Solutions Team 

We offer comprehensive, affordable, and proactive mold remediation in the following areas: 

We know how important it is to make sure mold stays away for good. After any remediation is completed, your Green Home Solutions representative can provide referrals for third-party inspection services. That way, you can get independent verification of our treatment’s impact and feel confident that your space is clean and mold-free!

With Green Home Solutions, you can get lasting treatment that truly works, with remediation that typically takes 5 days or less. Have any questions about our approach to mold remediation in Peru? Call Green Home Solutions at (518) 534-6136 to get answers, and get started with treatment right away!