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Our Mold Remediation Company in Dannemora

  • Date: 05-2021

At Green Home Solutions, our mold remediation company has plenty of experience with leaks in Dannemora. Leaks are one of the most common reasons for mold problems, and they’re a frequent source of mold identified during our inspections.

When you have moisture issues as a result of a leak, you’ll need to fix both problems. That means deciding which issue to fix first.

With a significant, ongoing leak, the answer to that question will be obvious: you fix the leak first. But what if you’re looking at a severe mold outbreak and a relatively minor or “off-and-on” leak?

Even in these situations, we recommend fixing the leak first. Here’s a closer look at why we make this recommendation and how you can deal with mold once the leak has been stopped.

Why You Should Fix the Leak First

Any time you’re dealing with mold, you don’t have one problem—you have two. Number one is whatever caused the mold in the first place. Number two is the mold itself.

Whenever possible, you want to eliminate or mitigate the cause of the mold before you start with mold remediation. This is particularly true when you have an acute moisture problem, like a leak.

If the leak remains active, you may struggle to eliminate the existing mold, even with help from a professional mold remediation company. Assuming you successfully get rid of the mold, an active leak still poses a problem. Moisture from the leak could result in new mold growth within a matter of days, which means you’ll need a new remediation treatment.

By stopping the leak first, allowing the area to dry out, and then treating the mold, you’ll improve your chance of a successful treatment. If you’re unable to perform a long-term repair right now, you’ll at least want to find a way to stop or contain the leak before starting a mold treatment.

Dannemora’s Trusted Mold Remediation Company

Worried about mold in your home in Dannemora? Green Home Solutions has you covered.

Our mold remediation company is trusted by families throughout the Dannemora area for our green approach to mold remediation. Rather than using harsh and ineffective chemicals like bleach, we use a green, EPA-registered product that neutralizes mold on contact. This makes us a perfect choice for treating mold in homes, even those with pets and young children!

As a locally owned and operated mold remediation company, we take pride in serving families in Dannemora. Our service area also includes a number of neighboring communities, such as Plattsburgh, Peru, West Chazy, Westport, and Tupper Lake.

Call our mold remediation company today at (518) 534-6136 to book a mold inspection in Dannemora!