mold remediation

Our Mold Remediation in Dannemora

  • Date: 06-2020

Finding reliable mold remediation shouldn’t have to be difficult. At Green Home Solutions in Dannemora, we offer powerful, affordable, and fast treatments with proven results. With hospital-grade remediation sprays, robust equipment for mold containment, and comprehensive methods for abatement, we treat all affected areas thoroughly.  

Because mold can grow and spread quickly, rapid-response remediation can make a significant difference in the overall efficacy of treatment. We limit the health risks of mold by treating mold that’s present on surfaces as well as mold spores within the air. We’ll also carefully take steps to reduce any damage that mold has on indoor areas, with products and solutions that are gentle on surfaces. 

About Our Expert Approach To Treatment 

With Green Home Solutions, our mold remediation services deliver immediate containment of mold and targeted treatment strategies. For homes, offices, and other buildings in Dannemora, we can lower the likelihood of mold spreading into adjacent areas, using air scrubbers and other equipment to stop mold spores from escaping affected spaces. 

Remediation is always configured to your unique indoor areas. Our EPA-certified remediation spray can only be found with Green Home Solutions. This product is lab-tested, scientifically backed, and proven to deliver impact against mold and mold spores. Derived from plant-based enzymes, it breaks down mold upon contact and continues to attack growth long after initial application, for lasting results. 

We minimize the risk of teardown or demolition that’s traditionally needed for treatment. Instead, we rely on other, more tactical methods for remediation wherever we can. It means that we can administer treatment with less cost and in less time, while still addressing any and all mold. 

Eco-Friendly Mold Remediation For Dannemora Families 

Mold remediation from Green Home Solutions is completely eco-friendly, no matter where you’re based in the surrounding area: 

  • Dannemora
  • Plattsburg
  • West Chazy
  • Peru
  • Tupper Lake
  • Westport
  • And throughout the region 

It means that we don’t use products that use artificial perfumes, harsh pollutants, or other high-toxicity ingredients. We understand that remediation can have an impact on your indoor air quality, and it’s our aim to improve upon existing air quality.

Our remediation sprays are perfect for this, breaking down bacteria and microbes within the air to boost and replenish indoor air quality. We offer healthier, long-term solutions for local families. 

If you’re in search of mold remediation services around Dannemora, don’t wait. Call Green Home Solutions at (518) 534-6136 to schedule a treatment for your home or office.