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Our Mold Removal Services in Plattsburgh: Your Questions Answered

  • Date: 07-2019

With Green Home Solutions, you can get mold removal services with long-lasting results in Plattsburgh. We know that many homeowners have questions about mold and how to manage it. It’s our goal to help you get the information you need to achieve successful remediation.

Let’s review some of the questions you may have about mold or mold removal services in Plattsburgh, Morrisonville, Peru, Dannemora, and West Chazy.

What Causes Mold Growth Indoors and How Can Green Home Solutions Help? 

Mold will appear when there’s moisture in your home. Moisture issues may not always be immediately obvious, and reasons why can include too much humidity building up in your bathroom, water building up below your sink, or dampness occurring in your basement. Any of these types of moisture, and many more, can contribute to mold growth. 

After an initial appearance of moisture, mold can grow very quickly. Often, growth occurs below building materials or in hard-to-access areas of your home. By the time you spot surface growth, it’s likely that there’s additional mold in your home. It’s why we always suggest getting in touch with our mold removal services in Plattsburgh if you’re concerned about mold. 

Why Choose Our Mold Removal Services in Plattsburgh?

With Green Home Solutions, you’ll always get fast and impactful mold removal services at an affordable price. Unlike many mold remediation services in Plattsburgh, we minimize or remove the need for renovation wherever we can. Instead, we use strategic methods to access difficult-to-reach mold growth, saving you costs while still getting results. 

our staff doing mold removal services in Plattsburgh

At Green Home Solutions, we always use scientifically tested and verified methods to effectively treat mold growth. We don’t rely on temporary fixes, masking agents, or any other short-term solutions. Instead, our powerful EPA-certified treatment spray can break down mold and mold spores at a molecular level. This eco-friendly product allows us to remediate your home without introducing abrasive chemicals into your breathing air.

Should You Use Household Mold Removal Products? 

When you have a mold problem, you want to deal with it as quickly as possible. Household mold removers may seem like they quickly strip away mold, but they typically only treat a surface layer, allowing mold spores and additional growth to thrive. 

Our licensed specialists in Plattsburgh will rapidly isolate any areas of mold growth, preventing individual spores or mold colonies from traveling further. With our mold removal services, you can quickly and decisively deal with any mold problems your home in Plattsburgh has.  

If you have more questions about our mold removal services in Plattsburgh, we can help. Speak to a representative from Green Home Solutions by calling (518) 534-6136 today.