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What To Know About Mold Removal Services in Portland

  • Date: 07-2019

When you’re dealing with mold issues or other air quality problems, Green Home Solutions can deliver impactful treatments with long-term results. Our mold removal services are used by homes, healthcare centers, and commercial facilities in Portland as well as Saco, Kittery, York, and Kennebunkport. Here’s what you should know when you’re dealing with mold problems. 

Why Does Mold Occur in Portland and Why Do You Need Mold Removal Services?

Mold occurs out in nature as an important way to break down organic materials that are dead or dying. In our homes, however, mold will erode surfaces of our home like floors, ceilings, or the structural frame of your property. It also releases tiny mold spores, designed to reproduce mold, which can contribute to all kinds of health concerns for those around you. 

green home solutions staff doing mold removal services in Portland

If mold appears in homes, it’s because there’s excess moisture that’s causing it. Within 48 hours of water buildup, mold can sprout, reproducing quickly to spread. This type of moisture may not be immediately obvious to homeowners, since it can be very mild, like excess humidity in the bathroom or damp areas of your basement.

With our mold removal services, we can locate moisture issues as well as mold. It’s one of the many ways we help homeowners in Portland quickly and effectively deal with mold problems.  

Why Should You Choose Professional Mold Removal Services in Portland?

Mold can be very difficult to get rid of on your own, for good reason. Once growth appears, it can be tough to contain tiny individual mold spores without the professional equipment of mold removal services in Portland. Even if you’ve scrubbed away surface mold, it’s likely that mold is continuing to spread in other areas. 

We always recommend getting initial mold testing from Green Home Solutions in Portland. This can help you understand if you have a minor mold issue or a significant problem. If mold is growing below walls, ceilings, or other surfaces, we can map this growth. We also map out moisture issues which have been contributing to mold growth. 

With our mold removal services, we deliver a comprehensive approach to manage mold growth. In Portland, our licensed representatives will lock off any areas which have growth, preventing mold and mold spores from traveling to other areas of your home. With our EPA-registered treatment, we can quickly break down mold, mold spores, and other fungi. We’ll also help you correct moisture issues, so that you get lasting mold control.  

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