Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Portland

Portland Mold Testing

  • Date: 08-2015

When you find mold within your Portland home, business or commercial building the first step to eliminating the problem once and for all is by identifying exactly what you are dealing with. That’s where expert mold testing from Green Home Solutions of Portland (GHS Portland) comes in! Whether you can actually see the mold, smell a musty odor, or you are suffering from potentially mold-related health problems, our certified mold investigators use precise mold testing methods and equipment to determine the source and extent of your mold issue.

Mold Testing in Portland, OR

The multi-step Portland mold testing offered by GHS Portland is designed to quickly and accurately identify the levels and types of mold you are dealing with so we can put together the most cost-effective plan for treatment. In conjunction with our Mold and Moisture Assessment the testing process is fast and non-invasive, usually taking about one hour. A certified technician will take (on average) 3-5 air and/or surface samples from priority spaces (rooms) within the property. One of these samples should always include an outdoor, or secure, baseline sample to provide the proper comparative analysis of “normal” mold levels for the environment. During the mold testing your certified GHS Portland technician will also help you target overlooked issues that may be contributing to any mold and mildew concerns in your property.

GHS Professional Testing

  • Testing follows IESO (Indoor Enviroment Standards Organisation) methods and procedures for mold testing.
  • Analysis will be reported by an independent microbial laborotory.
  • A minimum of two samples (one indoor suspect area and one control, either outdoor or indoor non-suspect area) is required to be taken.
  • Proper assessment and remediation procedured are critical to providing a successful project.

Once onsite testing is complete the samples are sent to a 3rd party, independent laboratory for scientific analysis. Within 48 business hours, the laboratory will provide us with a detailed Mold Report indicating if mold is present, the types of mold and if any spaces have ‘elevated’ or ‘non-elevated’ levels of mold-spores in the airborne environment. Your GHS Portland technician will provide the Mold Report and a detailed consultation explaining the results and options of how to best proceed with remediation, if necessary. Then, if requested GHS Portland will develop a complete scope of work outlining the specific steps for safe, fast, affordable and, effective remediation.

Experience the Green Difference with GHS Portland

For your peace of mind, we use only non-harmful (no chemicals) mold removal products and procedures that are safe for your family, employees or residents, and pets and plants. On average, our experts can complete your remediation within just 2-3 days using a combination of traditional remediation processes and our plant based enzyme solutions that kill all the mold and render mold spores completely inert, often without the need for costly and time consuming demolition.

Getting started with your Portland mold testing services is an easy process when working with Green Home Solutions. Just give us a call or fill out our online form, and we’d be happy to get you set up with no-obligation Residential Mold and Moisture Assessment today.