Example of Crawlspace Encapsulation in Raleigh

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Raleigh

  • Date: 07-2021

As a homeowner, you shouldn’t have to worry about mold outbreaks in your home. But if your home has a crawlspace, excess moisture and humidity can easily lead to mold infestations. That’s where crawlspace encapsulation can make a big difference. At Green Home Solutions, our encapsulation systems offer a first line of defense against mold for homes in the Raleigh area.

Crawlspace encapsulation works by blocking moisture before it gets inside your crawlspace. Most crawlspace moisture problems are caused by ground vapor, which emerges from the earth underneath your house. Encapsulation lines the floors and walls of your crawlspace to stop ground vapor from entering your home in the first place. That makes it easier to control moisture levels and prevent mold problems.

Other Advantages of Crawlspace Encapsulation

Mold prevention is one of the biggest reasons why homeowners in Raleigh should encapsulate their crawlspaces. But it’s not the only benefit offered by crawlspace encapsulation. With an encapsulated crawlspace, you’ll also enjoy the following advantages:

Improved Air Quality. When air in your crawlspace gets polluted, you end up with unhealthy air in the rest of your home. In many houses, more than half of all indoor air has been filtered through the crawlspace. By controlling moisture levels, you can prevent common sources of indoor air pollution, including mold, bacteria, and pests.

Structural Integrity. In addition to its harmful effects on human health, mold can inflict costly structural damage. The same is true of other problems caused by excess moisture, like dry rot and termite infestations. Encapsulation can dramatically lower the risk of structural damage within your crawlspace, protecting the integrity and value of your home.

Energy Savings. With an encapsulated crawlspace, you’re not just controlling moisture levels. You’re also preventing air leakage and heat transfer between the indoors and outdoors. This makes your house more energy efficient, saving you money on cooling and heating bills.

Raleigh’s Source for Crawlspace Mold Control

As Raleigh’s mold control experts, Green Home Solutions makes it easy to encapsulate your crawlspace. Simply contact us for an estimate and crawlspace evaluation to get started. Our team will design a crawlspace encapsulation system that makes it easier to maintain healthy moisture levels in your crawlspace.

Green Home Solutions offers crawlspace mold control services in:

  • Raleigh
  • Cary
  • Apex
  • Chapel Hill
  • Wake Forest
  • And the surrounding areas!

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