Mold Inspection in Cary: How Do I Check My Home for Mold? 

Mold is an invasive fungus that can spread quickly throughout your home if left unaddressed. This is a serious issue because mold can irritate your respiratory system, and its development can lead to significant property damage. We’ll take you through a few key tips to spot mold in your home. And to effectively get to the bottom of mold infestations and determine how far it has spread, call Green Home Solutions. We offer professional mold inspections to our neighbors throughout the Cary, NC, area.

Professional for Mold Inspection in Cary with a clipboard and a hard hat

How to Check Your Home for Mold

Mold can develop and grow from common sources and issues. Here’s a closer look at how to spot mold before it gets out of control:

  • Check for water intrusion – Water can enter your home in many ways, ranging from cracked windows to leaky pipes, overflowing sinks, a roof needing repair, and many more. Spotting water intrusion as soon as possible will help you avoid mold infestations and the expensive repairs associated with water damage.
  • Keep an eye on humidity levels – Trapped humidity can also cause mold to appear. Keeping an eye on humidity levels in your home is an easy way to catch any ventilation issues before mold starts developing. You can find inexpensive humidity monitors at any big box hardware store.
  • Look for discoloration – Discoloration is a common sign of mold. Watching for discoloration on your walls, on your ceilings, and on the other surfaces in your home can help you spot mold before it takes over.
  • Check for any concerning odors – Mold gives off a musty, damp smell, allowing you to spot it without actually seeing it. Paying attention to this odor can clue you into the presence of mold before colonies start developing.

Get Expert Mold Inspection in Cary

Mold is extremely invasive, and finding a single mold spot won’t give you the big picture. At Green Home Solutions, we use a proven process to effectively determine the source of mold and how far it has spread throughout your home. After this inspection, we’ll devise a plan to effectively treat mold and help you prevent it from coming back.

We offer proven mold inspections in Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and the surrounding communities. Contact us at (919) 473-6053 today to learn more!