Why Mold Inspection in Cary Matters 

At Green Home Solutions, we know mold is the last word any homeowner wants to hear. But dealing with mold doesn’t have to be a trial. With expert intervention and time-tested processes, mold can be quickly and thoroughly removed from your home. That starts with a highly detailed mold inspection for any home in Cary. 

Mold is fast-growing and tenacious, thriving as long as it has the right conditions. Treating mold means being completely precise throughout the remediation process. We offer an inspection before beginning any remediation in the region. This early step helps us to minimize the cost, time, and stress involved in remediation, making sure you get powerful treatment that lasts.  

Your Choice For Mold Inspection in Cary 

When you’re looking for mold inspection in Cary, Green Home Solutions can help out. Our expert representatives rely on state-of-the-art scanning equipment to find mold and related issues. We draw on rigorous methods to investigate mold, and may even collect air/surface samples for further analysis. With our inspections, you’ll get all the details you need for dealing with mold: 

We scout for moisture sources. Mold doesn’t occur without having moisture sources to feed from. Our representatives always take the time to identify any moisture sources contributing to mold. We offer specific moisture abatement plans, for long-term mold prevention.  

We map out mold’s spread. Finding and treating all present mold can help to mitigate much of the damage caused by growth. Our experts remove any uncertainty when dealing with mold. We do this by mapping out how far it’s spread. That way, once treatment occurs, it can be all the more precise. 

We inspect before and after treatment. With Green Home Solutions, you can get testing before and after any remediation. It means once we’ve dealt with mold, you’ll have definitive evidence. We take every step to ensure you have peace of mind with treatment. 

Powerful, Fast-Acting Remediation Within Days 

If our mold inspection services uncover any growth, Green Home Solutions can implement rapid-response remediation immediately. We offer treatments for homes and buildings across the region, including in: 

  • Cary
  • Raleigh
  • Wake Forest
  • Chapel Hill
  • Apex
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Because we’ve already inspected for mold, we can treat quickly without compromising the efficacy of remediation. Instead, our experts use diligent, tactical strategies to treat mold growing on surfaces and in the air, too. 

Get an expert mold inspection in Cary right away. If you’re worried about mold, just get in touch with Green Home Solutions at (919) 473-6053.