Mold Inspection in Wake Forest

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Wake Forest

When we perform our mold inspection services in Wake Forest, one of our main goals is finding the root cause of mold. Often, this cause turns out to be a leak. Sometimes that means a cracked pipe or other plumbing problems. In other cases, it’s a damaged foundation or a leaky roof. No matter the reason for the leak, the resulting moisture can encourage mold growth.

If you have mold issues in your home caused by a leak, you might be unsure which problem should be fixed first. Do you stop the leak and then treat the mold? Or do you get rid of the mold first, and then fix the leak?

This question is easier to answer than you might think.

With few exceptions, you’ll want to stop the leak first—before you perform a mold remediation treatment.

Why Fix the Leak First?

Any time you find mold in your Wake Forest home, there are two distinct issues that need to be fixed. The most obvious issue is the mold itself, which will need to be removed or treated using specialized products. But there’s also the issue of whatever underlying conditions allowed mold to grow in the first place. If these underlying conditions aren’t identified by mold inspection and corrected, new mold will grow once the original growth is removed.

Generally speaking, it’s better to fix the underlying conditions first, before you treat the mold. This will increase the likelihood of an effective mold treatment, and it will reduce the risk of new mold problems after the treatment has been performed.

This is particularly important when it comes to mold growth caused by leaks. Even if a leak seems relatively minor, it’s important to either fix the leak first or find a way to stop the leak before a mold remediation treatment.

Mold Inspection & Remediation Services in Wake Forest

If you have mold issues in Wake Forest, Green Home Solutions offers an easy way to remove existing mold and prevent future growth.

Our services start with our professional mold inspections, in which we diagnose the source and severity of mold problems. We then design a custom solution to remove or treat the mold. Our mold treatment products use green ingredients to break down mold at the molecular level, making our services a popular choice for families with children and pets.

Green Home Solutions is locally owned and operated, offering mold inspection and mold remediation services throughout Wake Forest. We also proudly serve other parts of the Triangle region, including Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding areas.

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