Mold Removal Company in Cary

Mold Removal Company in Cary: How We Work With Realtors  

  • Date: 09-2021

Expert input can make a real difference when your clients are buying a house. At Green Home Solutions, we partner with realtors to provide home inspections to prospective homebuyers. Our mold removal company understands the risks and concerns associated with mold and other air quality problems in properties from Cary to Raleigh and in nearby areas. With our services, we can make sure your clients are confident and comfortable with a potential sale. Here’s how. 

4 Reasons Why Your Clients Will Want a Mold Inspection Before Buying

If a house looks great on the surface, it’s crucial to verify there aren’t any underlying problems. Our mold removal company can do this for your clients in and around Cary. Otherwise, if a sale goes through and there is mold:

  • It can result in costly renovations. If your clients are buying a house, they probably don’t want to spend a lot on demolition, renovation, or restoration. We can verify whether there’s mold and how severe it is. Having this information can help your client make an informed decision during the purchase process.
  • It can mean other underlying problems. Some homes are going to be more prone to mold growth than others. This is true for both old and new houses. It may depend on the ventilation system, seasonal water intrusion, and other crucial factors. Your clients will want to know if that’s what they’re dealing with before they buy.
  • It can cause health concerns. Mold is linked to a wide range of health concerns, and can aggravate respiratory issues like asthma. If your clients have pets, kids, or other vulnerable family members, it’s important for them to know in advance that mold is present. If mold isn’t present, having expert confirmation can give them peace of mind. 
  • It can affect the property value. If a house features significant mold, it may affect the property value once your clients have purchased it. If they know ahead of time and still want to proceed, they can make a lower offer with confidence. Our mold removal company in Cary will help your clients make informed choices.

Your Trusted Mold Removal Company in Cary 

At Green Home Solutions, we’re committed to earning your clients’ trust and satisfaction—and yours, too. Our mold removal company offers affordable, fast, and expert mold inspection services in: 

  • Cary
  • Raleigh
  • Chapel Hill
  • Apex
  • Wake Forest
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Get started with our mold removal company in Cary today. If you’re interested in partnering with Green Home Solutions, just call (919) 473-6053 for more details.

*Our mold remediation services follow the guidelines and directions of the products we use and the various industry organizations to which we subscribe. Any claims of “removal” should not be considered a commitment or agreement of any kind.