Poor Indoor Air Quality in Apex: What Causes It?

Indoor air quality in Apex.

When it comes to feeling comfortable in your home, air quality is one of the most important factors. And while you might not be aware of any immediate issues, there are likely more contaminants in your air than you think. But what impurities are floating around in your home, and how did they get there? At Green Home Solutions, we offer proven indoor air quality solutions to help Apex, NC residents get to the bottom of their air quality issues and effectively address them.

The Main Factors Contributing to Poor Indoor Air Quality

There are several factors that can negatively impact your indoor air quality. However, two main culprits are the cause of most of the issues. Let’s take a closer look at them:


The most significant cause of air quality issues in local homes and businesses is the development of large concentrations of pollutants. Pollutants can come from anywhere — cooking, cleaning, pets, and many more. They also come in several forms, including particulates like mold and gases like radon and exhaust. If these pollutants are allowed to linger in your indoor spaces, they can take a heavy toll on your air quality. This can eventually lead to issues like respiratory discomfort and allergic reactions.

Poor Ventilation

The air in your indoor spaces should continuously cycle with air from the outside, whether through opening windows or with treated air from your HVAC system. When your indoor spaces are poorly ventilated, existing pollutants and odors can get trapped and accumulate. Poor ventilation can also lead to the buildup of humidity in certain areas in your home, which leads to the formation of mold colonies, which come with their own long list of issues.

How We Bring Better Indoor Air Quality to Apex Residents

When you choose the comprehensive indoor air quality services we offer at Green Home Solutions, you’ll get custom-tailored treatments designed around your specific needs and issues. With our in-depth testing and our proven indoor air quality treatments, you’ll be able to get back to breathing healthier, cleaner air in no time.  

Our team provides proven indoor air quality services in Apex, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and the surrounding communities. Ready to learn more? Contact us at (919) 473-6053 today to get started!