Mold Inspection in Redondo Beach: Your Mold Questions Answered

Professional for Mold Inspection in Redondo Beach: Your Mold Questions Answered

Mold is a problem that every homeowner wants to avoid. It can hurt the structural integrity of your property and create hazardous breathing conditions throughout the space. To make the issue worse, there’s a lot of misinformation flying around, creating confusion about the subject. How are you supposed to know what to believe?

At Green Home Solutions, we are ready to provide an expert mold inspection for your Redondo Beach home. Our service will spotlight the full extent of any mold issues while providing you with a clear path to a solution.

In order to help you understand this issue, let’s take a look at some answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Common Mold Inspection Questions Answered

What is mold? Mold is a fungus that grows due to decomposition. When it grows inside your property, it can create many serious problems. 

Why does mold grow indoors? Mold needs oxygen and moisture, so most indoor mold issues are the result of leaks, humidity, or other moisture intrusions. We encourage you to quickly address any moisture issues and keep your home or business properly ventilated at all times.

Should I be worried about mold? If mold is growing inside your home, this is definitely a cause for concern. Mold can reduce the structural integrity of your residence, while creating poor air quality and putting you and your family at risk. We always recommend quick action when mold is suspected

How can I tell if mold is present? Mold has a unique musty smell that is very unpleasant. When it is growing densely enough, you’ll see discoloration on your walls or surfaces. To truly understand the extent of any mold problems, an expert inspection is required. 

Quick and Affordable Mold Inspections in Redondo Beach

With our professional mold inspection, we’ll be able to spot areas of mold not visible to the naked eye. We also pinpoint the root cause of the mold growth, which is crucial information in determining the best way to fix the issue. If we happen to find mold in our search, we will provide you with a customized plan for quick, effective, and affordable remediation using EPA-certified, plant-based products. 

We provide inspections throughout:

  • Redondo Beach
  • Torrance
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Santa Monica
  • Rolling Hills Estates
  • Hermosa Beach
  • El Segundo
  • And the surrounding areas

To schedule a mold inspection for your Redondo Beach property, contact Green Home Solutions today at (424) 287-4224