Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of South Bay

Mold Remediation in Redondo Beach With Impact

  • Date: 03-2020

When you need mold remediation that’s gentle on your indoors and the air you breathe, you need Green Home Solutions in Redondo Beach. We treat mold aggressively without ever exposing your home to high-toxicity chemicals, harsh contaminants, or other abrasive products.  

We appreciate the need for treatment that’s both planet-friendly and family-friendly. Our sprays are EPA-certified and won’t corrode your surfaces or the air you breathe. Instead, they break down mold spores, bacteria, fungi, and mildew while treating and even restoring indoor areas. These sprays are completely proprietary to Green Home Solutions, meaning you won’t find them with other mold remediation companies in Redondo Beach. 

What To Expect With Mold Remediation in Redondo Beach

At Green Home Solutions, we take the stress, cost, and complication out of mold remediation in Redondo Beach. We do this by using highly precise, targeted strategies for treatment, reducing the need for teardown and the lengthy timelines associated with conventional treatment. 

In order to develop remediation tactics that are personalized to your home, we start with a detailed, extensive mold inspection. This typically involves a visual inspection from one of our representatives, and may also include lab testing to independently verify results. Once inspection is complete, we provide you with reports on what we found, plans for moisture control, and next steps for remediation. 

When your indoor air quality has become compromised, we can provide fast-acting and responsive results. You can take advantage of these wide-ranging services, which include: 

  • Air quality testing 
  • Mold testing and treatment 
  • Duct cleaning services
  • Odor removal 
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • And more! 

Powerful Air Quality Services Throughout LA County With Green Home Solutions

Having a trusted company that provides expert indoor air quality services is crucial for families living throughout LA County. Our rainy winter season makes houses in the region vulnerable to mold and mildew, while California wildfires can negatively impact your home’s air quality. 

At Green Home Solutions, our mold remediation and air quality services are available throughout the Redondo Beach area, including houses and buildings in and around: 

happy family after mold remediation in Redondo Beach
  • Redondo Beach
  • Manhattan Beach
  • El Segundo
  • Torrance
  • Rolling Hill Estates
  • Hermosa Beach

Whether you need indoor disinfection, mold treatment, odor removal, or duct cleaning, Green Home Solutions can make a difference. You can always look forward to services that provide lasting improvements to your indoor air. 

Get ready for mold remediation that’s affordable, environmentally friendly, and impactful. To schedule an air quality consultation in Redondo Beach, you can call Green Home Solutions at your convenience: (424) 287-4224