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Daly City Mold Testing Services

  • Date: 08-2015

Has your Daly City home begun to emit the tell-tale scent of must? Has one of your family members started to experience worsened allergies or other respiratory symptoms? While these and many other signs of mold growth are fairly easy to identify, dealing with the mold isn’t always so simple. To make sure you effectively tackle your home’s mold issue, start with professional mold testing from Green Home Solutions!

Why Do I Need Mold Testing?

If you’re fairly certain there’s mold growing in your home, it may be tempting to skip the Daly City mold testing and go straight to remediation, but that’s usually a big mistake. Without proper mold testing from trained and certified professionals, it’s impossible to determine the essential details of your property’s mold problem, such as the species, cause, and date of intrusion. These elements are critical to creating the right mold remediation strategy.

What Does Mold Testing Include?

Green Home Solutions’ mold testing in Daly City covers everything we need to understand your home’s mold intrusion and design the most effective remediation plan. We’ll take air and surface samples from both affected and unaffected areas, carefully document them, and then send them to an independent microbial lab for analysis. Because our mold testing follows IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards Organization) standards, you can rest assured that it’s accurate and industry-approved.

What Happens If Mold Is Present?

If the results of your mold testing indicate mold growth, you won’t have to stress! We’ll provide you with a detailed proposal for immediate and lasting remediation. For your comfort and peace of mind, our proprietary mold removal products are:

  • EPA registered
  • Made in the USA
  • Fast-acting and safe when applied as directed
  • Gentle enough for direct application
  • Backed by a reapplication guarantee!

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