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My family just moved into our new home. We have two little ones and within the first few weeks I noticed black spots on the ceiling of our bathroom. (I have no idea HOW our inspector missed this.) I called GHS ad they were here within 2 hours! The gentleman who did the work was super fast, thorough, and kind. He told me if I have any troubles to give them a call again. No problems here :) Thank you!

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Hey Kerryn, Thanks for taking the time to review Green Home Solutions! I can't imagine moving into a new home and immediately finding a mold on the ceiling of a room that would only further progress the growth of more mold. What a terrible time that must have been for you-- especially with two children! I'm so glad that GHS were able to come through and remove the mold you had, without any sort of problems. If you or anyone you know ever needs assistance with mold treatment in the future, we hope you'll recommend Green Home Solutions once again! Thanks, Kerryn! We appreciate you. If you'd like to further support Green Home Solutions, feel free to follow us on Facebook! For any further questions or comments, please call 1-800-SOLUTIONS.

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