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Called on Wednesday, my home treated by Friday same week Chris answered every ones questions, addressed any issues or concerns and even left an emergency can or two to take care of our cars and outside exposure. Would not hesitate to recommend.

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Hi Teresa, Thanks for reviewing our work at Green Home Solutions! Chris got back to you in two days? And he treated your home, addressed your issues and concerns, and left you emergency cans for any extra mold clean-up you may need to treat? Wow, Chris sounds awesome! I'm sure he had an easy time working with someone as friendly and great-to-work with as you though. We're glad to know that you wouldn't hesitate to recommend us if you or anyone you know may need assistance with mold removal in the future. Thanks for your support, Teresa! If you'd like to further support Green Home Solutions, feel free to follow us on Facebook! For any further questions or comments, please call 1-800-SOLUTIONS.

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