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I usually am very weary when it comes to matters I have no experience in. Mold being one of them. I've heard of businesses "getting over" on clients. However, Green Home Solutions were very helpful and informative. Howard came over and wasn't there just to make that dollar. He was honest and let me know that I didn't have a problem at all. He suggested a few options for the rainy season and gave me the ok! He was very nice and thorough. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! 5 STARS!

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Hey Lolla, Thanks for taking the time to write a review! I understand what it feels like to be weary when it comes to things you don't have experience in, and mold's a tricky one for sure! I'm glad that Howard was able to give you such helpful and informative suggestions about the mysteries of mold though, and am especially glad that you'd recommend Green Home Solutions to anyone who may need our assistance. Thanks for your support, Lolla! We appreciate you. If you'd like to further support Green Home Solutions, feel free to follow us on Facebook! For any further questions or comments, please call 1-800-SOLUTIONS.

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