Mold Removal in Richmond: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Mold Removal Services

Finding mold in your home is never a good thing. Not only is mold hazardous to your home and your family, it’s also incredibly stubborn. That’s why we recommend contacting our mold removal company in Richmond as soon as you find evidence of mold in your home.

Many homeowners in Richmond try to remove mold by themselves. But without the right products and equipment, you’ll struggle to get rid of mold effectively. In fact, many homeowners make mold problems worse by attempting DIY mold removal and making common mistakes.

Four Common Mistakes for DIY Mold Treatments

There are a number of reasons why getting rid of mold is such a difficult process for homeowners.

The biggest challenge is how mold infests porous materials, like wood and drywall. Mold can grow deep within these mediums. That makes it incredibly difficult to neutralize all the mold colonies. To neutralize subsurface mold, you’ll need special equipment and treatment products.

Mold also poses a health hazard to people and pets, thanks to airborne mold spores. If you’re not careful, treating mold can actually release new mold spores into the air. And even if you successfully get rid of mold, you still need to fix the underlying moisture problem that caused it in the first place.

Given these challenges, it’s no surprise that homeowners routinely make the following four mistakes when treating mold:

  • Missing subsurface mold. If you kill the mold on the surface without also killing the subsurface mold, the infestation will continue to grow.
  • Using products like bleach. Bleach kills mold, but it can’t reach subsurface mold colonies, making it ineffective on porous materials.
  • Releasing new mold spores. Without preventative measures to contain airborne mold spores, you could end up spreading mold to new areas by accident.
  • Ignoring moisture problems. If you don’t fix the moisture problems that allowed mold to grow in the first place, you’ll end up with a new infestation.

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At Green Home Solutions, we make mold removal convenient and affordable for families in Richmond. We also offer a greener alternative to traditional mold remediation. Our treatments use an EPA-registered product that combats mold through plant-based enzymes. This makes us a popular choice with eco-minded homeowners and families with small children or pets.

Our mold removal services are available in:

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