Choosing Expert Mold Inspection in Franklin County 

Mold inspection is crucial to dealing with any significant mold issues in Franklin County. At Green Home Solutions, we administer high-powered, fast-acting, and affordable remediation. We’re able to accomplish powerful results within just a few days. That’s because we always make inspection a priority before treatment occurs. 

Dealing with mold doesn’t have to be a fraught or complex process. When you get professional experts who understand how mold behaves and spreads, it’s easier to effectively and precisely remediate mold at its source. That’s what you can expect with Green Home Solutions. We use detailed inspection data to implement rapid-response remediation, making it easier for you to enjoy a mold-free indoors. 

How We Administer Detailed Mold Inspection in Franklin County 

What should you expect with a mold inspection from Green Home Solutions? Before we begin, our experts in Franklin County will discuss your specific concerns and review any problem areas you’ve pointed out. From there, we can implement a careful, rigorous inspection, offering clear data on mold problems at hand: 

Choosing Expert Mold Inspection in Franklin County

We assess the impact of mold. Once mold has taken root indoors, it’s very easy for it to slip through porous surfaces, cracks, and other openings. With a comprehensive inspection, you can learn if mold has spread below surfaces or elsewhere indoors. We help you understand the severity of any mold issues in your home.  

We trace any related issues. Mold is often a sign of related concerns, such as leaks or other water intrusion. Finding these mold contributors is crucial to preventing any recurring mold problems. It’s also crucial to maintaining a healthy and breathable indoor environment. We always seek out these moisture sources and any related mold problems. 

We identify specific next steps. Once inspection is completed, Green Home Solutions will always supply you with specific recommendations for mold prevention and treatment. We offer plans for moisture management and give you a clear sense of how much remediation is required to thoroughly combat mold. 

High-Powered, Proactive Mold Remediation From Green Home Solutions

If mold is found inside your home or office, Green Home Solutions can start with remediation immediately. Because we’ve already implemented a mold inspection, we can personalize our approach to treatment. In doing so, we can typically remediate in under a week for most buildings in: 

  • Franklin County
  • Roanoke
  • Boones Mill
  • Salem
  • Rocky Mount
  • Lexington
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Find out how easy it is to get detailed mold inspection and remediation services in Franklin County. Call Green Home Solutions at (540) 339-3212.