Mold Inspection in Salem: What are Common Types of Household Mold?

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Mold is one of the most concerning issues that can appear in your home. Along with causing issues with indoor air quality, mold can wreak havoc on surfaces and cause significant property damage if left unaddressed. If you think you’ve spotted mold or conditions that can lead to mold, call in our team of experts. Our team utilizes proven mold inspections to quickly and effectively get to the bottom of mold issues in Salem, VA, homes.

5 Common Types of Indoor Mold  

Mold is a fungus. And just like mushrooms or different kinds of fungi, several different types of mold can appear in your home. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common indoor mold species we see in the Salem area:

Aspergillus – Aspergillus can be tricky to identify on your own simply because it comes in several different colors, shapes, and sizes. This type of fungus is also active both in the air and on the surfaces in your home. Aspergillus is well-suited to indoor environments simply because it doesn’t need much ventilation to thrive.

Cladosporium – This mold is particularly irritating once it gets airborne and is often associated with asthma attacks. The texture of Cladosporium is often described as “suede-like,” but it can also have a powdery resemblance. 

Penicillium – Penicillium is often spotted underneath your carpeting or behind your wallpaper.  Because of its strong odor, this type of mold is generally easy to identify.

Stachybotrys chartarum – Often going by its nickname, “black mold,” stachybotrys chartarum generally thrives in areas that have been damaged by water. Also, because of how toxic this type of mold can be, it’s considered dangerous to small children and those with respiratory conditions. 

Mildew – While mildew isn’t actually a type of mold, it’s often mistaken for mold. Mildew, although it often has an appearance that’s similar to mold, only grows on living plants.

Find Out What’s in Your Home with Mold Inspection in Salem

Whichever type of mold is growing in your home, our team has you covered. Our in-depth inspections utilize a multi-step process to quickly find mold, determine how far it has spread, and identify how it formed in the first place. 

Our team provides in-depth mold inspections in Roanoke, Salem, Franklin County, Lexington, Boones Mill, Rocky Mount, and the surrounding communities. To learn more, contact us at (540) 339-6712 today!