Mold Remediation in Franklin County: Is There Leftover Residue After Treatment?

Professional for Mold Remediation in Franklin County

When mold gets into your home and is left untreated, it can lead to serious issues. Along with affecting air quality and leading to respiratory discomfort, mold infestations and the conditions that cause them can lead to significant structural problems that necessitate expensive demolition and repairs. We help Franklin County, VA, residents prevent these issues with our mold remediation solutions. However, you may have questions about the process. To give you a closer look at what you can expect when you choose these services, we’ll go through some specific steps in our process below.

What to Expect During Mold Remediation in Franklin County

Mold remediation is essential when this invasive fungus pops up in your home. Still, you may be unclear about what the process actually involves. Here’s a closer look at the steps we take to fight mold and prevent it from coming back:

Our Team Will Address Residual Moisture Issues

Moisture is not only the direct cause of mold, but it can also lead to a long list of other issues and some pretty expensive repairs. To help you fight mold and avoid demolition and repair costs, we’ll investigate and find the source of excess moisture in your home. By helping you address moisture issues, we’ll be able to more effectively fight mold and prevent it from popping up again in the future.

We Clean Surface Residue

Mold can leave behind surface residue when it’s left untreated. That’s why, in addition to fighting mold and preserving your home to the best of our ability, our mold remediation service includes cleaning surface residue.

We’ll Address Airborne Mold

Airborne mold negatively affects air quality, and the spores can migrate throughout your home, causing more mold colonies to appear. By utilizing top-of-the-line equipment, we’ll target and address airborne mold spores, quickly helping you breathe easier and feel better.

Improving The Health of Your Home 

At Green Home Solutions, your health is important to us. We utilize carefully chosen, family-friendly products and environmentally conscious practices to bring you safe results while also minimizing our impact on the planet.

We provide proven mold remediation in Franklin County, Roanoke, Salem, Lexington, Boones Mill, Rocky Mount, and the surrounding areas. Contact us at (540) 339-6712 today to get started!