Professionals who do Mold Removal in Roanoke

Mold Removal in Roanoke

  • Date: 08-2020

With Green Home Solutions in Roanoke, you can get powerful mold removal in two to five days. We take the cost, stress, and lengthy timelines out of treatment, instead targeting mold and underlying issues at their source. Our representatives use lab-tested remediation sprays, powerful equipment, and expert methods to comprehensively address growth. 

When mold surfaces indoors, it’s typically a symptom of moisture buildup. Addressing mold thoroughly means identifying and treating those sources of moisture buildup. With Green Home Solutions, remediation always includes testing to determine how mold is thriving. That way, we can treat affected areas while helping you prevent mold from coming back. 

A Precise Approach To Mold Removal in Roanoke 

Before remediation occurs, Green Home Solutions always starts with a preliminary mold inspection. This initial step is conducted by your Green Home Solutions representative, who employs robust detection equipment and other methods to map out the full scope of the problem. We look at the following:

  • How far mold has spread
  • When it first appeared
  • Underlying sources of mold, including moisture. 

From there, we can advise you on moisture prevention and give you a clear picture of how much remediation is required for effective treatment. With inspection data, we can work more quickly and responsively, shaping strategies for remediation based on the growth we’ve uncovered.

This precise, proactive approach to mold removal means we can often minimize the need for any demolition or subsequent renovation. For commercial and residential properties in Roanoke, we instead rely on our extra-strength remediation spray to access hard-to-reach pockets of growth where possible. It’s how we’re able to offer treatment that’s fast but highly impactful every time. 

Making Your Health Our Top Priority 

At Green Home Solutions, we’ve always used treatment methods that put our clients’ health first. When respiratory health is such a concern, it’s especially crucial. We only use eco-friendly, health-conscious treatment products for mold removal services in:  

  • Roanoke
  • Salem
  • Boones Mill
  • Lexington
  • Rocky Mount
  • Franklin County
  • And the surrounding area

The remediation spray we work with can only be found with Green Home Solutions. This EPA-certified treatment product is lab-tested and scientifically proven to deliver consistently excellent results. It targets mold particles on surfaces and within the air, restoring and improving indoor air quality. We make it easier for you to spend quality time indoors.  

Need mold removal in Roanoke? Get powerful, affordable treatment today by calling Green Home Solutions at (540) 339-3212.