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  • Date: 03-2021

If you’ve discovered mold inside your property, you’ll want to act fast. Mold sprouts up with little warning and continues to cause damage the longer it’s present. Fast, effective, and professional mold removal can put a stop to it right away. With Green Home Solutions in Salem, that’s exactly what you get. We treat homes and offices in less than a week, with rigorous cleanup that leaves your indoors healthier. 

Our representatives are well-versed in treating, preventing, and controlling mold growth. We pair our extensive knowledge and track record with high-powered equipment and cleaning products. The remediation products we use aren’t just EPA-certified and backed by lab testing. They’re also completely unique to Green Home Solutions, for results you can always rely on.  

Rapid, Affordable, and Impactful Mold Removal in Salem 

With Green Home Solutions, mold removal takes just a few days to implement. While our representatives work rapidly, we’re also very detailed in our approach. For homes and offices in Salem, here’s how we take every precaution to treat mold: 

We find mold and its sources. Even if you’ve discovered visible evidence of mold, a comprehensive investigation can help to reveal any other pockets of mold within an area. Our representatives sweep your space with infrared technology and other detection methods, discovering mold and related moisture problems. 

We treat quickly and thoroughly. We use inspection reports not just to map out the full extent of mold growth, but to build specific remediation protocols. These are calibrated for your home and your home alone, for powerfully precise treatment. In doing so, we mitigate the costs and time involved in remediation. 

We provide long-lasting impact. No one wants mold to come back. Our representatives work closely with you to ensure long-term results with any treatment. We assist with moisture prevention, so mold doesn’t have the ideal environment to return. We also offer a final inspection after treatment. 

Schedule Treatment For Your Home Or Office 

At Green Home Solutions, we’re a trusted source for mold removal in houses, apartment buildings, offices, and hospitals. Our representatives can treat indoor mold in: 

  • Salem
  • Roanoke
  • Rocky Mount
  • Boones Mill
  • Lexington
  • Franklin County
  • And throughout the surrounding area

If you’re concerned about mold, we can provide an initial consultation to help determine what to do next. We make sure you get expert input every step of the way. 

Get started with Green Home Solutions today. Call (540) 339-3212 to learn more about our mold removal options in Salem.