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Our Mold Remediation in Salem 

  • Date: 03-2020

When it comes to indoor mold, professional mold remediation can save you plenty of time and stress in the long run. At Green Home Solutions in Salem, we make sure that any mold inside your home or building is dealt with in just 48 hours or more. We use professional-grade equipment, powerful detection technology, and other proven methods to get to the source of mold. 

If you’ve discovered mold inside your home, you might be tempted to try dealing with it yourself. But trying to take care of mold without professional equipment or methods can often help mold to spread further. It can also help hidden mold remain undetected for longer. With professional remediation experts that you trust, you get the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive treatment and verified results. 

Targeted, Affordable Mold Remediation in Salem

family friendly mold remediation in Salem

Green Home Solutions uses rapid-response methods to quickly and thoroughly eradicate mold growth. For most homes in Salem, mold remediation takes only a few days. But we never compromise on effectiveness of treatment. Instead, we use targeted tactics to discover, isolate, and address mold growth. 

Your Green Home Solutions representative will conduct a thorough inspection to identify mold and mold spores throughout affected areas. This gives you a clear picture of how extensively mold has progressed into your home, and the scope of remediation needed to address it. For our representatives, we use data from inspection reports to formulate a targeted plan for treatment. 

Wherever we can, we remove or minimize any need for demolition and subsequent renovation. We instead use strategies to access hard-to-reach mold and to break down growth without harm to your surfaces, where possible. In doing so, we’re able to keep remediation affordable for both homeowners and property managers throughout the region. 

Verified Results From Green Home Solutions 

At Green Home Solutions, we always take time to ensure that you know what’s happening with treatment and what to expect next. We know that mold can come with high costs, from health problems to home repair, and we work swiftly and with care to ensure that these risks are quickly shut down. 

We also offer vital peace of mind. After any mold remediation occurs, we offer a final inspection in Salem so you can see that mold has been dealt with. That’s true for homes and businesses everywhere in our service areas of: 

  • Salem
  • Rocky Mount
  • Roanoke
  • Lexington
  • Franklin County 
  • Boones Mill 

Get mold remediation services from your trusted experts in Salem. Just call Green Home Solutions at (540) 339-3212 for details.