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Mold Inspection in Roanoke

  • Date: 08-2015

While water leaks are a common cause of mold, open windows and doors, vents, clothing, shoes, and pets can also allow mold and mold spores into your Roanoke home. Typically, mold problems don’t occur until it reaches a moist surface or a damp area of your home and begins to grow. Still, if you suspect the presence of mold, or have experienced a recent water leak, Green Home Solutions of Roanoke offers professional mold inspection services to identify mold growth and create an effective plan for its removal.

Thorough Roanoke Mold Inspection Services

At Green Home Solutions of Roanoke, we want your home to be a safe, clean space for your family. With our mold inspection services, we begin our process by sending a professionally trained technician to your home to perform a residential mold audit. You’ll be able to discuss your concerns, and our technician will inspect your home using a variety of techniques, including:

  • Visual identification of possible moisture events
  • Examining your ventilation system
  • Using InfraRed technology to take and record moisture readings

After completing your Roanoke mold inspection, the technician will compile a report of their findings and provide you with a thorough plan to address any mold issues, including mold testing and mold removal, if needed.

If the technician determines that mold removal is the appropriate solution, we will use our effective mold removal products to eradicate the mold from your home. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that our products are safe for adults, children, pets, and the environment when used as directed.

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