Mold Removal in Rock Hill: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Mold is a stressful issue for any home or business owner. These issues can be serious and very complicated to resolve. At Green Home Solutions, we provide the most reliable mold removal for Rock Hill properties. We offer quick, effective and budget-friendly service to solve your mold problems and keep your property safe. 

Dealing with mold can be very confusing, and there are many misconceptions about the topic that often make things worse. We would like to cover the four mistakes most commonly made by DIY mold treatments.  

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

As a homeowner, you are used to being resourceful and tackling a wide variety of projects on your own. However, when it comes to mold, it’s best to leave the task to professionals. There are many ways your DIY efforts can make things worse. Here are four very common mistakes:

Bleaching away the mold. Many assume that bleach is a viable solution for dealing with mold. In reality, it creates an added health risk. We get the job done using safe, family-friendly products instead. 

Poor cleaning methods. You need proper equipment in order to stop cross-contamination. Mold spores will fly into the air as you clean, which is why we bring negative air machines to the job. 

Focusing solely on visible mold. Those who don’t know any better often focus solely on visible mold. However, there are sources of mold you cannot see, and a professional inspection is needed in order to spot and treat these areas. 

Ignoring mold sources. If mold is growing inside your home, this is the result of some type of moisture problem. It’s important not to just treat the symptoms, but target the underlying cause as well. 

Schedule Expert Mold Removal in Rock Hill

By hiring our professional mold removal service, you can spare yourself a lot of time, energy and frustration. We offer quick and efficient work that will analyze your mold issues and find a fast-acting solution. All of our services are affordable, safe and conducted using EPA-certified products. 

We offer service for residents and business owners throughout:

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Note: Our mold remediation services follow the guidelines and directions of the products we use and the various industry organizations to which we subscribe. Any claims of “removal” should not be considered a commitment or agreement of any kind.