Mold Removal in Fort Mill: Will Mold Die if it Dries Out?

Since mold requires moisture in order to grow, many assume that once mold dries out, it will simply die. However, mold removal for your Fort Mill property will require a bit more effort than that. At Green Home Solutions, we not only provide expert service to remove mold and protect your property, but we also take pride in keeping our clients informed about this common topic. With that in mind, let’s look at what really happens when mold dries out.

Things to Know About Mold When it Dries Out 

While treating moisture issues will not immediately get rid of the mold inside your home or business, it is a terrific first step. Here’s what needs to be done next:

  • Dry mold isn’t dead mold. Mold may become dry, but it is not quite dead. Mold spores become dormant temporarily, just waiting for a new moisture supply.
  • Dry mold can become airborne. Due to their lighter weight, dry mold spores pose a greater risk of being circulated in your air supply. If these mold spores happen to fall into a moist environment, they can begin growing once again.
  • Dry mold can still present health concerns. Dry mold is still harmful to your health. Breathing in dry mold spores poses a severe risk for those with underlying conditions. 
  • Dry mold can survive for a long time. Dormant mold spores can hang on for quite some time. So, if you allow these particles to linger in your home, it’s only a matter of time before they find a source of moisture and reactivate. 

Taking care of the underlying moisture issues behind your mold growth is a necessary step in the process, but you cannot stop there. For long-term defense, mold remediation is essential. 

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When mold issues persist inside your home or business, you need expert solutions you can trust. With our powerful mold removal treatments, Green Home Solutions delivers quick, affordable, and eco-friendly service to neutralize this common problem. When you trust our team for your mold removal needs, you can expect detailed inspection and testing, proven moisture prevention tactics, and effective mold removal that only takes a few days.  

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