Mold Removal Services in Savannah

With Green Home Solutions, get fast-acting mold remediation that directly targets the mold problems in your home. Unlike many traditional mold removal services in Savannah, Green Home Solutions can often reach difficult-to-access mold spores and patches without expensive demolition or construction.

We don't use toxic chemicals that damage the indoor air quality of your home. Instead, our sprays are plant-based and scientifically tested. They're able to precisely reach and break down mold spores, with lasting results that are both environmentally friendly and family-friendly.   

Choosing Mold Removal Services in Savannah

Mold can be tricky to detect, which makes it easy for spores to rapidly spread throughout your home. If you're worried about mold, it's important to get in touch with a professional mold removal services company in Savannah.

At Green Home Solutions, we conduct home inspections using infrared scanning technology, and will also scrape samples to send for lab testing. This helps us to triangulate hotspots for mold, what species of mold your home is infected with, and how to properly form a treatment plan. 

Mold Removal with Lasting Results

When you choose Green Home Solutions, you're choosing mold removal services that can preserve your Savannah home. We can typically preserve building materials without resorting to costly demolition and restoration, which allows our mold remediation to be faster and more affordable. With Green Home Solutions, you'll also get: 

  • Services that make the grade. Our services closely follow mold removal standards and guidelines set for our industry, from the ANSI/IICRC to the EPA. What it means is that our products are effective but safe, while our mold remediation methods are time-tested and industry-backed. 
  • Mold isolation. With mold, there's always the risk of microbes spreading into other parts of your home. We can quickly isolate and contain mold once we've identified the hotspots for growth. Using negative air machines, we can keep cross-contamination from becoming an issue.
  • Mold remediation that lasts. Mold spores are tiny but carry a lot of power. They contain allergenic proteins that cause many respiratory issues. But they also spread mold easily. Our HEPA filters can capture the small spores, while our sprays break down proteins in them—for results that last. 
  • Proven results. We want you to know that you can count on our services. When we complete mold remediation in your home, we can recommend an independent inspection service, so you know that our treatments were truly successful. 

Think you have a mold problem? Contact Green Home Solutions at (912) 308-0117 to learn more about getting mold removal for your Savannah home! 

Note: Our mold remediation services follow the guidelines and directions of the products we use and the various industry organizations to which we subscribe. Any claims of “removal” should not be considered a commitment or agreement of any kind.

Green Home Solutions vs. Competitor

Green Home Solutions Competitor
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Contains plant based enzymes.
Biohazard Chemicals Icon
Most are synthetic chemicals.
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Catalytic, keeps on working.
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Very reactive. Energy used up instantly.
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Breaks down allergenic proteins in spores.
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Fine spray application reaches everywhere.
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Helps prevent growth.
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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Our EPA registered product is made using plant-based ingredients and kills mold and its suspected harmful effects.



Often, there is no need for expensive demolition, so we are usually 50-75% less costly than our competitors.



We complete the process quickly — on average in 2-5 days.



Our products create a clean indoor environment by cleaning and killing airborne impurities — wherever they may hide.