Mold Inspection in Scottsdale: Your Mold Questions Answered

Mold can threaten your indoor air quality and cause severe damage to your property. While some mold is detectable through sight and smell, the vast majority of this harmful fungus will remain hidden. To diagnose the extent of your mold problems and get started on a solution, Green Home Solutions is ready to provide an expert mold inspection for your Scottsdale area property.  

Our team uses high-tech equipment to find and analyze sources of mold hidden from plain sight. Once we do a full analysis of your property, we can summarize our findings and create a customized plan to remediate the issue. Our solutions are fast, affordable, and consistent with EPA standards. To get started on the path to cleaner air quality for your home or business, we’d first like to answer some common questions you may have about indoor mold growth. 

Common Mold Inspection Questions Answered

What is mold? Mold is a fungus that often thrives inside homes and businesses. It originates from some form of decomposition, and can quickly seep into porous surfaces and remain hidden from view. This is why it is so important to secure a professional inspection that utilizes advanced technology. 

Why does mold grow indoors? Mold will grow indoors when it has enough oxygen and moisture. For this reason, we encourage you to take swift action to neutralize humidity issues or any leaks around your home. 

Should I be worried about mold? Mold can cause serious health risks, especially for the elderly and those with underlying conditions. It can also cause structural harm to your property. With issues this serious, it makes sense to call our professionals as soon as you suspect any mold issues. 

How can I tell if mold is present? Mold has a very distinct and unpleasant odor. It may also begin to discolor your walls and other surfaces. While these signs can be used to determine the general presence of mold, they will not tell you how much mold is inside your home. To get this vital info, you need a professional inspection. 

We Also Offer IAQ Inspections in Scottsdale that include:

  • Air Sample testing for mold includes Home Visual of typical water damage locations
  • Air Sample testing for particulates, such as dander, silicates, pollen
  • 30 Minutes Snapshot Air Advice TVOC Testing for elevated chemical & particle
  • 4 Day AirAdvice TVOC and Trend Testing
  • Chemical Testing (toxic organic TO-15) with library search of 63 compounds registered by the EPA for the Clean Air Act.

Reliable Mold Inspections in Scottsdale

With a fast and reliable mold inspection from Green Home Solutions, you can quickly get to the bottom of this critical issue. If we find mold growing inside your property, we will provide you with an excellent plan for remediation, customized to your needs. We offer our expert services throughout:

  • Scottsdale
  • Paradise Valley
  • Fountain Hills
  • Cave Creek
  • And the surrounding areas
Green Home Solutions providing mold inspection in Scottsdale.

To get started with a mold inspection for your home or business in Scottsdale, call Green Home Solutions today at (602) 718-1268.