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About Mold Remediation in Greenwich

  • Date: 05-2020

The most harmful mold can be invisible and odorless. Even if you see a spot, it can be an indication that it may be a larger issue. Furthermore, mold can travel in the air and it can establish tiny branches and roots in the subsurface called Hyphae. This is why it is extremely important to get a thorough, comprehensive assessment. Our board certified inspectors use the latest equipment, testing, knowledge and technology to properly assess the potential mold issue so that an accurate mold remediation protocol can be written to successfully remediate it. With Green Home Solutions in Greenwich, we provide long-term solutions to any mold issues you’re dealing with. We take proactive measures not only to contain and mitigate mold and to prevent it from returning in the future. 

Without professional intervention, treating mold on your own can risk cross-contamination and the further spread of mold. Because mold is microscopic, improper cleaning or removal methods can help push it deeper into living areas, indoor air, and material surfaces of your home.

With expert, certified inspectors and a rigorous approach to treatment, we minimize that risk and make sure that all affected spaces are thoroughly addressed.  

Choosing Mold Remediation From Greenwich Area Experts

Before any treatment occurs, it’s crucial to understand how far mold has infiltrated indoor spaces. Once mold has begun to grow on surfaces, it can use tiny branches to take root below surfaces and into your subsurfaces. At Green Home Solutions, our structural mold inspectors use comprehensive detection methods and data analysis to determine where mold has spread. 

From there, inspectors work with our expert, certified crew in Greenwich to implement a powerful comprehensive mold remediation. The protocol is always tailored to the specific living areas that are affected, so we’re deploying precise strategies for maximum impact. With remediation, we break down mold and mold molecules extensively, while identifying and addressing any factors which have caused mold in the first place.

Our Eco-Friendly, Family-Friendly Treatments at Green Home Solutions 

At Green Home Solutions, our team is based right here in the region, offering mold remediation in: 

It means we appreciate the need to preserve parks, beaches, harbors, and neighborhoods, so that our kids and families can continue to enjoy them for years to come. It’s why we always use powerful, effective, eco-friendly, family-friendly products and treatment methods. 

Our EPA-certified products are proprietary to Green Home Solutions, with no biocides, no harmful VOCs and no high-toxicity chemicals. The products we use aren’t just eco-friendly, they also improve and restore indoor air quality to the highest level we can provide, allowing us to prioritize a healthier indoors and a healthier outdoors, too. 

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