Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services in Stamford: What You Should Know 

  • Date: 05-2019

Are you looking for mold removal services in Greenwich, Darien, Westport or Stamford Area? Green Home Solutions provides fast, affordable and highly effective solutions to address any unwanted mold growth in your home. We can also provide mold testing and air sampling to not only identify the extent of the mold but where mold has traveled by cross contamination.

What Should You Expect With Our Mold Removal Services in Stamford? 

At Green Home Solutions, we begin by sending one of our board certified inspectors to look at your home. The inspector will look to identify moisture and conditions that promote mold growth using the latest equipment and technology.

If mold testing is needed, our certified inspectors will take surface and air samples to provide the most accurate and thorough estimate. The consultation is free of charge and if testing and work is needed, our inspectors will sit down with you to discuss the prices and process.  

Our inspectors will ask you questions about the history of your home. It is helpful to inform us of any past leak it the bathrooms, kitchen, foundation, or roof. Next, we’ll use infrared and moisture detecting equipment to assist with a visual inspection. If testing is needed, we will discuss the areas to be tested and why. 

Many harmful molds in a home are odorless and invisible. Often times, this mold can circulate in a heating or AC system. Green Home Solutions is also NADCA certified so if the air ducts need to be disinfected, we can provide this service without having to call a third party company which sets us apart from many competitors.  

Can You Treat Mold With Off-The-Shelf Products? 

Mold is not limited to just what you see growing on the surface. Mold has roots and branches that are in the subsurface especially on porous material. 

Since many DIY products are water based, including bleach, they can actually feed these mold roots making the mold come back stronger and more resistant. Improper wiping and cleaning can also lead to air borne cross contamination in the home. 

Many people want to try treating mold on their own, but without proper equipment or testing, it can make the problem much worse although it may appear to be temporarily gone. 

It’s important to treat mold rapidly and effectively. With our professional mold removal services from Green Home Solutions in Stamford, we can locate and test for mold from surface samples and air samples. Our inspectors can quickly isolate any growth we find, preventing mold spores from escaping into other areas of your home. 

Why Choose Green Home Solutions in Stamford? 

our staff doing mold removal services in stamford

You may think that all companies in the Stamford area offer similar mold removal services, but that’s not true. In fact, Green Home Solutions relies significantly on the latest equipment, technology, products and training. Not only are our inspectors board certified, so are our Supervisors which are on site on every job. 

At Green Home Solutions, we do not use harmful biocides which are very commonly used by other companies in Fairfield County. These biocides commonly contain formaldehydes which can off gas long after the remediation is completed. Green Home Solutions stays on the green spectrum and uses extremely powerful and effective EPA registered products that are much safer for your home, family and environment. We will act fast, work efficiently and our mold removal services are surprisingly affordable, even if your insurance does not cover it. 

Schedule an indoor air quality consultation today. Call Green Home Solutions at (203) 628-2227 extension 1, and we can help you get started with our mold removal services in your Stamford area home or office.