Mold Inspection in Ashburn

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Ashburn

During the course of our mold inspection services in Ashburn, one of our main priorities is pinpointing the root cause of mold. To grow, mold requires moisture, so it’s little surprise that we often discover leaks when performing inspections.

When we find a leak during a mold inspection, homeowners are faced with two distinct problems: the mold itself, and the leak that caused it. This leads to an important question: which problem do you solve first?

At Green Home Solutions, we always recommend stopping a leak before performing a mold remediation treatment. When possible, we suggest making a long-term fix to the leak first. Otherwise, you’ll want to find a temporary solution that stops or prevents the leak until a long-term repair can be performed.

Why Fix the Leak Before Treating the Mold?

There are two main reasons why we suggest fixing leaks before performing mold remediation treatments.

The first reason is that an active leak can compromise mold remediation products. If the leak is still active when you perform a mold treatment, the moisture could dilute the treatment product or act as a shield for underlying mold.

The second reason is that moisture from the leak could allow new mold to grow after the treatment is complete. It doesn’t take long for new mold growth to occur, so if you wait until after the treatment to fix the leak, you might end up back at square one with a new mold infestation.

By stopping the leak, allowing the affected area to dry out, and then performing the mold treatment, you won’t need to worry about these issues. You can effectively get rid of the existing mold, and you can prevent new mold from emerging.

Mold Inspection & Mold Treatment Services in Ashburn

If your home in Ashburn has existing mold problems, Green Home Solutions makes it easy to restore your home’s health. Our mold inspection and remediation services are also provided in neighboring communities, including Sterling, Great Falls, McLean, and Reston.

Our services start with a detailed mold inspection, which allows us to diagnose the species of mold in your home, the severity of mold growth, and the underlying cause of mold problem. Following this inspection, we’ll develop a customized plan to eliminate existing mold and prevent new mold growth from occurring.

Rather than using harsh, ineffective chemicals like bleach, we use a green treatment product to combat mold. This product harnesses the natural power of plant enzymes to denature mold at the molecular level, which makes this product an ideal choice for families in Ashburn.

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