Mold Inspection in Great Falls

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Great Falls

Being proactive about mold issues can help you prevent much of the damage and cost associated with indoor growth. But how can you be proactive if you don’t know whether mold is truly present? At Green Home Solutions, we recommend a professional, rigorous mold inspection for homes in Great Falls. It’s one of the services we offer in addition to fast-acting, high-impact remediation. 

Mold can be threatening to a lot of people, but that’s often because it’s often treated improperly. It’s far too easy to clean up surface mold, for example, while letting mold flourish below surfaces or in other hidden areas of the home. It’s also easy to neglect moisture sources when treating mold, which means mold can surface again and again. With Green Home Solutions, you can take preventative action to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

3 Signs of Mold To Look Out For  

When do you know a mold inspection is needed? You can always discuss your options with our Green Home Solutions team for Great Falls. But you can also keep an eye out for potential indicators of mold. Here’s a few to keep in mind: 

Damp or leaky areas of the home. Areas like the basement or bathrooms can become hotspots for moisture buildup. If you know there are parts of your home that feature longstanding or recurring moisture issues, those are good places to look out for any mold issues as well. 

Clogged or strange-smelling vents. Poor ventilation can aggravate mold issues, allowing moisture to flourish or for mold spores to travel to adjacent areas of the house. If you’re noticing musty, mildewy, or other strange smells coming from your ventilation system, there may be mold present. 

Patchy, peeling, or warped surfaces. Mold thrives in dark or concealed areas of the home, where it can escape detection for a long time. But there are other signs of mold and moisture. If surfaces are starting to warp, peel away, or otherwise deteriorate, mold or moisture issues are frequently the culprit. 

Schedule A Comprehensive Mold Inspection

With Green Home Solutions, you can schedule a mold inspection in: 

  • Great Falls
  • Sterling
  • Ashburn
  • McLean
  • Reston
  • And throughout the surrounding area

When we inspect for mold, we can supply you with detailed inspection reports, next steps to manage moisture, and a clear plan for remediation. We can help you take action against mold right away. 

Need a mold inspection in Great Falls? Just get in touch with your Green Home Solutions team at (833) 395-0780.