Mold Remediation in Sterling: How Do You Prevent Mold?

Professional for Mold Remediation in Sterling: How Do You Prevent Mold?

Mold, while it can sometimes seem to show up completely out of nowhere, is preventable with a few key steps. How do you prevent mold? We’re glad you asked. Below, we’ll go through a few of the key steps involved in controlling mold and moisture levels in your home to give you a head start in the fight against this invasive issue. And if mold has already appeared in your home, you can turn to us for a remediation treatment. We utilize comprehensive mold remediation services to protect homes spanning the entire Sterling, VA area.

Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Home 

There’s a long list of individual steps you can take to regulate the moisture levels in your home and keep mold at bay in the long run. Here are a few of them:

Check for Leaks. Water can get into your home from a wide range of different sources, from leaky pipes to rot in the attic. And once water gets into your home, mold follows closely behind if quick action isn’t taken. Regularly checking your pipes, roof, floorboards, and other potential points of water entry can help you get ahead of any problem areas and address the issue before it leads to mold.

Monitor Humidity Levels. Areas with high humidity levels are more vulnerable to mold infestations. Keeping an eye on the humidity in your home with a small humidity monitor is an effective step towards keeping mold at bay. These monitors are affordable and generally available from most big box hardware stores, making picking one up quick and easy. 

Install Ventilation Equipment. Poorly-ventilated homes are also more at risk of being taken over by mold. Trapped air leads to trapped moisture and the elevated humidity levels that cause mold to form. Ventilation equipment like exhaust fans and dehumidifiers make a big difference in the ventilation of your home, leading to a lower chance of mold forming and improved overall air quality.

Professional Mold Remediation Makes Sterling Homes Safer

Now that you know how to prevent mold, what should you do if you already have mold in your home? If you’ve spotted mold in your home, give us a call. Our mold remediation treatments utilize cutting-edge products and a proven treatment system to effectively address mold that you can and can’t see, which is more than what can often be achieved with DIY solutions.

We offer our mold remediation services to our neighbors located in these areas:

  • Sterling
  • Great Falls
  • McLean
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  • Reston
  • And throughout the surrounding communities

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