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Mold Removal Company in Sterling: Is That Weird Smell Mold?

  • Date: 09-2021

When mold starts to grow in your home, it’s not always easy to find. That’s where a mold removal company like Green Home Solutions can be a big help. In addition to getting rid of mold outbreaks, we help homeowners in Sterling detect hidden mold in their home.

If you can’t see mold growth, the first sign of an infestation will typically be a weird smell. We often inspect homes in Sterling with no visible signs of mold, but where the homeowners have noticed a strange, unexplained smell.

By using UV technology and laboratory tests, our mold removal company can identify the mold growth causing these odors—even if it’s growing under the surface of infested materials or in hidden spaces, like inside your walls.

Without these tools, it’s hard to know if a weird smell in your home is due to mold. To help, here are some tips on recognizing mold odors.

The Smell Test: Tips for Recognizing Mold

Pay Attention to Musty, Stale, or Earthy Odors. Mold tends to have an organic smell, with most people describing it as “musty,” “stale,” “damp,” or “earthy.” If the smell fits one or more of these descriptors, that’s a red flag.

Try to Identify the Source of the Smell. Any time you notice a weird smell in your home, you’ll want to search for the source of the odor. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the culprit. But if you can’t locate the source, or if you find other signs of mold, you’ll want to contact a mold removal company.

Watch Out for Symptoms of Mold Exposure. Many people develop symptoms when they’re exposed to airborne mold spores. These can include headaches, coughing, trouble breathing, itchy eyes, a runny nose, or rashes on your skin.

Suspect Mold? Act Quickly! If you suspect a strange odor might be due to mold, you’ll want to act as soon as possible. Should you wait to have the problem inspected and fixed, mold will be able to spread, creating an even bigger problem.

Sterling’s Trusted Mold Removal Company

Need help finding and fixing the source of moldy odors in your home? Green Home Solutions has you covered. In addition to mold inspection services, our mold removal company offers a convenient, effective, and affordable way to eliminate mold from your home in the Sterling area.

Our mold removal company currently offers service to homeowners in:

  • Sterling
  • Great Falls
  • McLean
  • Ashburn
  • Reston
  • Surrounding areas

Contact our mold removal company today to request a mold inspection for your home in Sterling! Call Green Home Solutions at (833) 395-0780 to book your inspection.