Mold Testing Service

Mold Testing in Sterling: Green Home Solutions Works For You

  • Date: 04-2021

When it comes to mold issues, mold testing is necessary for fast, effective, and precise remediation in Sterling. At Green Home Solutions, we recommend comprehensive testing before and after any treatment occurs. We know how important it is to get thorough, impactful, and lasting results when dealing with mold. 

When we inspect for indoor mold, we rely on expert investigation methods only. Our representatives use high-powered equipment and careful assessment techniques to seek out mold as well as moisture sources. We always comply with the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, the EPA, and other relevant agencies when looking for mold. We make it easy to understand how far mold has spread and what to do next. 

Choosing Mold Testing in Sterling 

It’s important to remember: you can’t always detect mold by smell or sight alone! Even if you’ve found evidence of mold, a proper mold inspection can help you understand the severity of the issue. For homes and offices in Sterling, we always recommend mold testing services: 

  • To establish the extent of indoor mold growth. 
  • To identify hidden or concealed mold. 
  • To triangulate any water sources contributing to mold.
  • To assess the scope of remediation needed. 
  • To offer a baseline for post-remediation testing 

Thoroughness is crucial when it comes to dealing with mold. At Green Home Solutions, testing forms the basis of any treatment we provide. With specific data on your home’s indoor mold issues, we can always assist with mold control, prevention, and treatment more effectively. 

About Our Inspection Services 

We know dealing with mold is often a stress point for homeowners. At Green Home Solutions, we make it a priority to mitigate any stress or uncertainty involved in the process. You can always expect our representatives to offer clear guidance and recommendations. 

We start with a preliminary assessment, to review any areas you’ve identified and to discuss any concerns you have regarding mold or remediation. From there, our representatives comb indoor areas with comprehensive detection technology. We may also collect air/surface for third-party lab analysis. We always deploy any tactics required to rigorously identify mold in: 

  • Sterling
  • Reston
  • Great Falls
  • Ashburn
  • McLean
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

Positive Test? Here’s What to Expect

If we find growth during mold testing, we’ll also help you identify what to do next. Green Home Solutions will supply you with inspection reports in addition to remediation plans and moisture management recommendations. From there, we can implement fast, affordable, and high-impact remediation right away. 

To take action against indoor mold, schedule mold testing in Sterling. To get started, contact your Green Home Solutions representative at (703) 395-5060.