Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Syracuse

About Mold Remediation in Liverpool

  • Date: 05-2020

Mold grows fast, which is why fast-acting mold remediation can be so necessary for buildings in Liverpool. At Green Home Solutions, our treatments take just two days or more. With expert representatives, robust treatment sprays, and comprehensive containment equipment, we effectively target and treat all mold that’s been discovered. 

We don’t just target mold that’s living on or beneath surfaces. Your Green Home Solutions representative will also extensively treat mold spores in the air. Our extra-strength treatment spray is completely exclusive to our company, and breaks down mold colonies, mold spores, fungi, and bacteria at a molecular level. 

We know that dealing with mold can be frustrating and even stressful. In addition to reducing the typical timelines and cost associated with treatment, we also work closely with you to make sure you get the peace of mind you deserve. Our team can even help you get third-party inspection services implemented post-treatment, so you can get clear proof that remediation has had the desired effects. 

Comprehensive Mold Remediation For Liverpool Area Buildings 

Family friendly Mold Remediation in Liverpool

With Green Home Solutions, our high-powered mold remediation services are available for houses, residential properties, office buildings, hospitals, and most other types of buildings in Liverpool and throughout Onondaga County. We take quick steps to ensure that any areas with mold growth have been isolated, using wide-ranging professional equipment like air scrubbers and negative air machines. 

It means we can prevent the spread of mold growth more quickly, ensuring that mold can’t easily infiltrate nearby areas, ventilation systems, or other accessible parts of your building. Once mold is contained, our experts get to work, using proven treatment methods to access difficult-to-reach pockets of mold as well as clearly visible growth. 

Green Home Solutions Makes Your Health and Your Home Our Top Priorities 

Mold doesn’t just have a detrimental impact on indoor surfaces of your home. It can also cause all kinds of health-related concerns, too. With Green Home Solutions, mold remediation always takes your health and the condition of your home into consideration. That’s true for our services throughout the areas of: 

We keep any need for demolition or teardown to an absolute minimum wherever possible, for minimal disruption. But that’s not all. Our treatment sprays preserve indoor surfaces as much as possible while attacking mold and mold spores. We can even clean and improve your indoor air quality, for a healthier overall home. 

Get expert mold remediation in Liverpool today. To schedule a preliminary consultation with Green Home Solutions, all you have to do is call (315) 383-1803.