professional performing attic mold removal in Syracuse

Attic Mold Removal in Syracuse: Why It Matters 

  • Date: 09-2021

Does it really matter if there’s mold in your attic? At Green Home Solutions, we know it’s tempting to think that the answer is no. But this feature of your home is more vulnerable than you may think. If there’s mold in your attic, you’ll want to get attic mold removal as soon as possible, preferably from professionals in Syracuse. 

Unlike other living areas of the house, mold in the attic isn’t usually a significant health problem—depending on your ventilation system and other home features. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth worrying about. Let’s review why. 

What Can Happen With Unchecked Attic Mold? 

As with any other type of mold issue, the longer you leave attic mold unchecked, the more damage it can cause to your house. It’s why we always recommend professional and detailed treatment from experts you trust. Otherwise, it’s possible for mold to contribute to any number of indoor problems: 

  • It can lead to pests. When mold and its contributing factors aren’t dealt with appropriately, it’s common for pests to start appearing. Mold can be a food source for some insects, while others—such as roaches—are attracted to the deteriorating surfaces produced by mold. It’s crucial to treat mold and to correct environmental conditions leading to growth, to prevent this risk. 
  • It can cause structural damage. Most attics in Syracuse feature structural elements which distribute or carry weight for the house. Joists, rafters, and other support features are often found in the attic. If mold or rot gets into these elements, serious structural damage can be caused. The result can be far more costly than getting professional attic mold removal. 
  • It can compromise your roof. Because attics lie directly below the roof, it can be a great way for water to get in and a great way for mold to get out. If mold finds its way up to roof sheathing or roof shingles, it can lead to deterioration of your roof. This risk is always compounded when water intrusion is coming from the roof, since mold will typically appear where there’s water. 

Schedule Rapid-Response Attic Mold Removal in Syracuse 

With Green Home Solutions, attic mold removal can occur within days. We use expert methods to isolate and clean up mold, treating airborne particles as well as surface and subsurface mold. Our experts offer treatments in: 

  • Syracuse
  • Brewerton
  • Liverpool
  • Bridgeport
  • Fayetteville
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Schedule your rapid-response attic mold removal in Syracuse today. To learn more, call Green Home Solutions at (315) 383-1803 for details.