Asthma – What is in the Air You Breathe?

Date: 03-2017

According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2014, 7.7% of people in the United States had asthma. That equates to over 24 million people with the chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways.

Getting Ahead of Asthma, For Our Children’s Sake

Date: 01-2017

According to the EPA, 1 out of 10 children have Asthma. Just imagine what that means to every one of their families. Picture the mothers. fathers and others flinching as a child struggles and gasps for air. A child never gets back the missed ball games or other special occasions during a chronic episode. They […]

Christmas Trees and Decorations Can Bring Allergies and Asthma Along with Good Cheer

Date: 12-2016

Merry Christmas and please pass the antihistamine or inhaler—tis the season for asthma and allergies. Like Aunt Helen’s twice re-gifted fruit cake, sneezing and congestion are simply not welcome guests at the family holiday celebration. Why Allergies and Asthma Spike During Holidays Stored holiday items can be a source of mold growth. Fiberglass and other […]

The Major Asthma Triggers That You Can Control in the Home

Date: 11-2016

The first step in controlling Asthma triggers is accomplished by removing contents and materials that can harbor mold and other Asthma triggers. This needs carefully accomplished without spreading the allergens through the home like the white seeds on the dandelion plant. Treating the home with Green treatment methods and products is another important step. Our […]

What We Know About Asthma

Date: 11-2016

When I was in grade school, I did not know anybody with Asthma. Now you can almost go into a classroom and pass inhalers from desk row to desk row. Asthma is all too common today. Yes, we can put some of the blame on too little exercise, too much eating the wrong foods and […]