Heads Up. We Often Find Mold and Termites Together

Date: 05-2017

What would be worse than finding a mold infestation or mold problem? That’s easy. Finding both! The door in the picture is the entry door of a building having a mold assessment. SURPRISE! Termites inside the metal door. Yes, the door has metal on the outside, but these doors have wood between the metal faces […]

The Story of Cody The Mold Dog

Date: 05-2017

The Story of Cody The Mold Dog Nah, I am serious. There are mold dogs in many part of the country. In fact, Cody, The Mold Dog was quite the competition for mold professionals in the Pittsburgh PA market, at least it seemed at first consideration. Let me start with a little background and then […]

About Those Do It Yourself Mold Testing Kits

Date: 05-2017

We often get asked about the Petri Dish mold test kits you find in hardware stores, grocery stores and the like. You’ve seen these hanging on racks at the end of aisles. They are the colorful packages showing gross mold pictures calling your name to come purchase. Just to add insult to injury, the plastic […]

Mold Can Be Brought into Your Home on Imported Products

Date: 04-2017

Let me first answer the question as to why you should care about mold being brought into your home from overseas. Closets and storage areas are often the environment where a mold contamination starts. There tends to be less air movement in closets and items piled together. It is also a place where contents are […]

Interior French Drain Can Create and Odor and Mold Problems

Date: 03-2017

Another Solution Should Have Been Considered for This Home with an Interior French Drain Installed in the Basement Most people have these systems installed to correct foundation leaks. The idea is that water is collected in the pipes and gravel installed under the concrete floor. This often becomes a source of odor and mold in […]